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Concert in the school of Arts number 1 named after T. Nickolayeva
April 25, 2003, Bryansk

Title Author Time Size File
"The Tale of the Land of Russia"
(fragments from the composition)
V. Malyarov 2:32 2,33 MB Download
Waltz "Dreams"
(fragment from the appearance)
V. Andreyev 1:48 1,66 MB Download
"Karachevskaya Polka" E. Derbenko 1:16 1,16 MB Download
"Lullaby of She-bear" E. Krylatov 2:09 1,97 MB Download


Record of the orchestra of the year 2006
Title Author Time Size File
"We are from Town of Karachev" E. Derbenko 1:50 1,69 MB Download
"I'm Walking along Moscow" A. Petrov
arrangement: M. Rozhkov
2:45 2,52 MB Download
"Yesterday" J. Lennon,
P. McCartney
3:02 2,78 MB Download
"Memory" (from the musical "Cats") E. L. Webber 2:24 2,19 MB Download
"Fly, Doves!" I. Dunayevsky 2:54 2,66 MB Download

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